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PhotoML: Photo Description Markup Language


This XML DTD is primarily intended to provide a format for describing details of photo creation, processing, and content in a collection of photographs. It is designed to be appropriate for a wide variety of photographic formats, including roll film (such as 35mm and 120/220), sheet film (such as 4x5 and 8x10) and digital images. The type of information represented, while allowing description of details of content, creation etc. for digital images, does not support some of the more low-level housekeeping details that might be necessary in an application such as an online database of digital images. The included utilities provide a number of functions, including constructing PhotoML data from EXIF metadata in digital images, converting a subset of PhotoML data to XMP sidecar files, and generating HTML views of PhotoML data, with the option of generating a location map for geotagged photos.


PhotoML is distributed in .tar.gz form for UNIX systems, and in .zip form for MS Windows systems. While the PhotoML DTD and associated content are platform independent, the utility software included in the package currently requires a UNIX environment (while not confirmed, the .tar.gz package is also expected to be usable under Mac OS X). Windows users may wish to try building under the cygwin environment.


photoml-0.28.tar.gz (gzipped tar file, 348k)
photoml-0.28.zip (zip file, DOS/Win files, 428k)
Ubuntu debian package available
Fedora RPM package available

The PhotoML software depends on a number of other packages, including ImageInfo and XGrep.