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ImageInfo computes and displays selected image attributes. It is similar in function to the ImageMagick identify utility, but provides a few additional attributes (such as details of embedded ICC profiles), and allows command line selection of the attributes to be computed, avoiding unnecessary computation and and allowing easier parsing of results when this utility is called from a script.

ICC Profile Support

ImageInfo only provides ICC profile reading options if linked with ImageMagick libraries built with Little CMS support. The standard Red Hat/Fedora Core ImageMagick RPMs are not linked with the lcms library. The simplest solution is to install the lcms library (do yum install lcms lcms-devel if using either the Fedora Extras or Dag yum repositories) and then rebuild the RPMs from the SRPM obtained either from the Fedora Core SRPM repository, or from ImageMagick SRPMS. If the resulting RPMs still do not support lcms, try using the magickrpmwlcms utility, distributed with ImageInfo, to modify the SRPM to enable lcms support.


imageinfo-0.06.tar.gz (gzipped tar file, UNIX files, 64k)
Ubuntu debian package available
Fedora RPM package available