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Archival Film Storage Pages

A wide range of archival film pages is available, the most significant of which are listed in the table below. Since sliding film strips in and out of pages is a potential source of scratches, the top loading pages (Savage Film-Lok) and those accomodating sleeved film (e.g. Filmguard Pro-Line) are particularly worth considering.


Brand Availability Notes
Beseler BesFile Most vendors Widely available.
Century Photo Direct from Century Photo The Century-Vinyl range of pages is not archival.
Clear File Available from IconUSA.com The 10B page accommodates 10 strips of 4 frames of 35mm film.
Filmguard Pro-Line Direct from Filmguard The PL24920 page accommodates 7 strips of 6 frames of sleeved 35mm film.
Light Impressions Direct from Light Impressions Direct The HD PolyChron range of pages accommodate sleeved film.
Print File Available from Get Smart Products and most other vendors Widely available.
Savage Film-Lok Most vendors Top insertion system reduces risk of damage from sliding strips along the full length of the sleeve.

In addition to the vendors listed in the table, B&H Photo and Adorama stock a wide range of brands.

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