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RtkGPS allows device configuration, status reporting, and log downloading for some models of Royaltek GPS loggers; this software is primarily designed to support the RBT-2300, but has also been tested on the RGM-3800, which appears to share the same communication protocol. RtkGPS provides a command line interface (unlike some of the other software for this device, which is GUI based), but should work on any Linux platform, including portable devices such as the Nokia 770/800 series.

Similar Software

A number of other software projects support the RBT-2300/RGM-3800 family of GPS loggers:


While this version of rtkgps has been tested on x86_64 and i686 platforms, it should not be assumed to be bug free, or even to function at all on other architectures. Thus far the only testing has been on a little-endian architecture, with the RBT-2300 and RGM-3800. Code has been included to support big-endian architectures, but this has not been tested. Bug reports would be appreciated, as would reports from users attempting to use this software on a big-endian architecture.


rtkgps-0.08.tar.gz (gzipped tar file, 1232k)
rtkgps_0.08_armel.deb (Nokia 800/810 (diablo) deb, 1740k)
rtkgps_0.08-1.dsc, rtkgps_0.08-1.debian.tar.gz, rtkgps_0.08.orig.tar.gz (Debian/Ubuntu source package)
rtkgps-0.08-1.src.rpm (Fedora Source RPM, 1236k)